Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rain helps the garden grow, unless it floods

Flowers alright after the flood except for delphiniums.
After the flash flooding Thursday night, I went out to assess the damage and was relieved to find only broken delphiniums. The creek had risen over our driveway and the pond was flooded but today everything is back in its place.
There is a chance of rain every day for the next week.
Today and tonight calls for isolated thunderstorms.
Tomorrow is predicted to be partly cloudy with 20 percent chance of rain, then isolated and scattered thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday. It is so wet this year.

The broccoli is ready, the peas will be soon.

If it doesn't rain too much, I may be able to weed tomorrow. It's pretty muddy out there now. (excuses, excuses, I should wear boots and get it done. The weeds are starting to overtake the plants.)
Celery is ready to pick and peas are really close.

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