Monday, November 5, 2012

Dial-A-Garden provides timely tips

Dial-A-Garden is a service of the Washtenaw County/Michigan State University Extension, which consists of a system of prerecorded telephone messages relating to garden activities. This public service allows a caller to use a touch-tone telephone to select the Code of the Garden Message they wish to hear. Messages are changed monthly or bi-monthly to suit current gardening concerns. To reach the Dial-A-Garden Message system, call 734-971-1129.

Code     Garden Message 
101 Nov. - Dec. Schedule.
102 Winter protection of trees, shrubs and tender plants.

103      Read MSU Horticulture Newsletter Online.
104      Home invading pests.
105      Planting hardy bulbs.

201 Giving garden tools a fall cleaning.
202 Lawns fertilizing & late fall fertilization.
203 Choosing and Care of Christmas Trees.
204 Digging & storing summer flowering bulbs.
205      Overwintering houseplants: Watering & Humidity.

301 Autumn garden clean up.
302 Winter protection for tender plants.
303 Preventing Winter damage from deer, mice and rabbits.
304 Caring for holiday plants.
305 Growing vegetables indoors.

401 Light and houseplants.
402 Ash Tree Alert.
403 Insect & Disease Diagnostic Services.
404 Tips on selecting an arborist.
405 Don’t prune Oaks due to Oak Wilt.