Monday, June 10, 2013

Picking flowers for the garden

My husband and I decided Sunday morning that we needed a tree or shrub for the rock garden. Well, $230 later, we came home with flowers and a Wisteria tree... and that was holding back. Landscaping is expensive. I had looked at the rock garden, thought about the facts: direct sunlight, well-drained mostly and deer pass through freely.
For deer resistant flowers,
That limited the choices, but not enough, it was still hard to decide. I had also measured the garden by walking its 30 foot crescent span.
We started this rock garden 5 years ago, then ran out of funds and energy. This is the first year that we have seriously planted in it. Initially, we planted the purple irises which come up every year. We planted Tiger Lilies and Hostas, (which the deer enjoyed). There are still a few lilies in there. We had planned on making it a waterfall... maybe next year.
The flowers we bought at Bordines and Wojos and planted Sunday are: (from left) Delphinium, Echinacea, Shasta Daisy, Lavendar, Red Salvia and Evening Primrose in the foreground.
I planted, then moved the flowers around, grouped them together, then dug a few up and moved them again. It is precarious standing on edge of the front of the garden and I couldn't seem to get the plants spaced very well, trying to watch my step.
There's still a lot of empty space that needs to get filled before the weeds reclaim it.
Years ago, we had put gray weed block material down. By the way, that stuff doesn't work very well.
Now I remember why we let this project go to the wayside. It is a constant source of work that is never finished. But it is still pretty, even when incomplete. I need to pull the weeds from the pool, although they are kind of pretty in there. Yeh, that's part of the uh, landscaping.


  1. I agree with you that weed block is useless! You picked a good variety of flowers...hopefully the deer will leave them alone....

    1. Thanks Donna. I don't usually invest much money or work into flowers. I am more interested in growing vegetables, so I can have food later, haha.

  2. Great job for putting down the weed blocks—it doesn't really do that much. And yes, it's kind of challenging to protect your rock garden from deers and the like. Anyway, keep posting. Please do share your thoughts, tips, etc., because they are very useful. Have a good one!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!