Saturday, March 9, 2013

The 3 challenges of organic farming

Gardening and farming continue to be traditions in my family. My daughters, Elizabeth and Emily, plan to start their own organic farm. Emily wrote an article about the challenges of organic farming and the solutions of three farmers.

by Emily Blake 
Organic farming is nothing new... it has been practiced since 5800 B.C. However, farming with pesticides has only become common within the last 50 years (Fossel, 6). Many commercial farmers would tell you that it’s not even possible to successfully grow crops without them. 

With recent studies done on the effects of pesticides on our health, organic farming is having a strong comeback. With this comeback have come new ideas. Technology today affords us a lot more luxury and variation when it comes to farming. This technology ranges from herbicides to tractors and doesn’t stop there. As a new farmer, it can be confusing coming into all this progress and trying to decide what works and what doesn’t. Every farmer has their own miracle fix or ideas on how best to solve the three main farming issues: Soil composition, weed control and dealing with pests and disease.

Experimentation is the best way to learn what will work on your land and in your particular climate as a farmer or gardener. In order to experiment, farmers must know what is available. Here are three farmers' methods and what works for them:

3 challenges of organic farming


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