Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Keeping da deer outta da garden

A friend commented on Facebook that deer ate her tomato plants, which doesn't surprise me. We have 6 foot fencing around our garden and sometimes that doesn't keep them out. Once they break in, they're eating machines. However, if it's just one deer and it starts with the green beans, it probably won't eat the tomatoes. Deer also love Swiss chard, even more than I do. They love all types of greens and corn, etc...
As far as repellents for deer, I've heard of many things, weird things like coyote urine, human urine, human hair. I haven't tried those.
One year, I sliced up Irish Spring and scattered it around the perimeter. I don't remember if it was effective. My husband made fun of me and said he saw deer out by the garden taking a shower with the soap. I really think Irish Spring might be a good deterrent and cheaper than anything they sell at the garden supplier, so I'm going to sneak out there and throw down the soap again this year.
We planted French Marigolds around the garden perimeter a few seasons, but that didn't seem to keep the deer out. At least they didn't eat the Marigolds. I think it helped keep the rabbits and bugs away though.
Another tactic, which I think actually works, is noise makers on the fence or playing a radio at low volume by your garden. The problem is protecting the radio and power supply from moisture. This measure could be saved for harvest time, that's when we have the most trouble with deer getting into our fenced in garden.

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