Sunday, March 13, 2011

What to plant and when?

I have been looking at my Gurneys catalog. A coworker borrowed my Heirloom seed catalog a month ago, I need to get it back.

Draw a plan
I am drawing a garden plan today. Ken and I will plant Swiss chard, peas, parsley and green onions before the end of March. Other greens like spinach and kale can be planted as soon as the ground is workable too.
Here's an interesting site on planning a garden.

Herbs indoors
I am starting herbs indoors in a round container today for fun. My favorites are parsley, basil, Rosemary and sage. I won't plant the smelly herbs indoors, (dill and cilantro). I am also planting lettuce in a pot. I haven't ever done this but these plants will do alright in a pot. When it's warm, I can put the pots outside by the door and be able to snip off leaves when preparing dinner, like a coworker does.
I have burned many dinners by darting out to the garden to pick something and then getting involved in weeding or harvesting.

Sprouts are quick
I have been growing sprouts in my kitchen. They grow so fast and easy and its such a green thumb ego boost.
All you need is a jar, a strainer and sprouting seeds. For bean sprouts, you rinse the seeds in a jar of lukewarm water twice a day for several days, straining after rinsing. I have a plastic sprouter that has a strainer in it. I purchased it from You can order sprouting seeds online at  Mountain Rose Herbs or purchase at Whole Foods.Markets.
Here's video on growing sprouts.

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