Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring is in the air, regardless of white stuff

Spring is in the air. Never mind that we just got dumped with 2 to 7 inches of snow. I will be planning my garden this weekend. With paper and pen, I will list the veggies we want and then plot out both the big garden and the raised bed. I always put the herbs, lettuce and green onions in the raised bed.
We will plant greens like Swiss chard, spinach and parsley soon. Later in the month, we will plant peas and start tomatoes and peppers indoors.
My husband, Ken is the real gardener of our household. I start helping him and then say, "You're doing great honey, I better go blog about this." That worked last year a few times, but this year, he's wise to my work avoidance scheme and will probably figure out how to keep me working.

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