Sunday, May 20, 2018

Morel hunting in Southeast Michigan

Our 2018 morel season yield so far.
The elusive morel has been sighted. It's a little late this year, but it looks like this season will bring an average harvest, barring a sudden weather change.
We've found morels in a lot of places, and my husband who is a certified hunter/gatherer, brings home the fungi. Also we're fortunate that we have great neighbors who don't like morels.
Many people are afraid of picking the poisonous variety, by mistake. This is a valid concern. The main difference is that the true morel has a hollow interior, including the cap and stem and the cap is not separate as in a typical mushroom. If you're new to morel hunting, please do plenty of research and become completely familiar with the fungi. Here's a link for a good start:
I just saw that the Michigan DNR has a hunting guide with map, for finding morels, at,4570,7-350-79136_79237_81034-408642--,00.html
If you'd rather buy morels, that's an option too. I found this retailer, based in Washington state,

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