Monday, February 1, 2016

Gardening indoors

Turnip greens growing in a glass of water.

I've been looking wistfully as my Gurney's catalogs arrive in the mail every week. I saw an article on Facebook about plants that you can start from a piece of vegetable, like a celery crown. I'm growing turnip greens from a sprouted turnip.

The article tells about 16 foods that will regrow from kitchen scraps. Here's the link:
I could order seeds, but it's way too early to plant in Michigan's Zone 5, so I'll have my science projects lining the counter.
In our zone, we can plant spinach, Swiss chard, parsley, kale and other greens as soon as the ground can be worked, mid-March. This year may be earlier, as warm as it's been.
Lately, I've been sprouting Mung beans. It's a nice healthy snack, better than potato chips, at least healthier, especially if you sprout them yourself.
For more information about sprouting, visit or

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