Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Shelby Township resident nominated for beautification efforts

Lidija Dushaj's Shelby Township yard

Lidija Dushaj was nominated for the 2014 Shelby Township Beautification award.
"I have been growing a garden for the past couple of years," Dushaj said. "I love flowers and gardening."
Although she works full time, Dushaj always finds time for gardening and landscaping. She grows cucumbers, tomatoes,green beans, three different kinds of lettuce, parsley, basil, mint and collard greens.
"I have been starting my own tomatoes from seeds that I save from previous years. I've been having 2 pound tomatoes this year. I just picked a tomato a couple a days ago that is almost 3 pounds. 
Dushaj said she starts the tomatoes from seed indoors, early season and keeps them by her patio door, the sunniest window in her house.
"I plant about 20-25 tomatoes, just for the family. When they come in they all ripen at the same time, but I sun dry them and keep them in a sealed jar. I use them for pasta or risotto and some I freeze and use for soups and roasts," she said.
The Shelby Township Beautification Committee conducts the awards annually. Shelby Township Facebook page

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