Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall garden is growing

Harvest time still going! Celery, Swiss chard, red cabbage,
Broccoli Rabe, Brussels Sprouts, and peppers (that I missed in earlier picking)
Here it is, Oct. 27 and  I picked all this from my garden, leftover harvest mostly. The Broccoli Rabe is from my first fall garden, which is doing well. I couldn't believe how fast the plants took off. The warm Indian summer sunshine helped a lot.
I planted Broccoli Rabe, spinach and lettuce and my husband made a cold frame for the area so the plants should keep growing. I want to cover the Swiss chard that is still growing on the perimeter of the garden. The hard frosts lately have slowed the leaf growth. It would be great to have Swiss chard through the New Year.

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