Sunday, May 12, 2013

Water early to limit frost damage

It is so cold. If you have plants or flowering trees that are frost sensitive and you didn't cover them, get outside before the sun shines on them and run the sprinkler or spray them, rinsing off the frost.

We planted broccoli and cabbage, which should be fine and our greens that have come up, will survive. The problem is the seeds that we've planted will not thrive in this weather. We've only planted peas, parsley, green onions and letttuce. The cold really slows or stops germination.

My daughters created cold frames out of blocks of cement and window glass panes. Normally we don't bother with cold frames, and just wait until after Memorial Day to put tomatoes and peppers out. But we thought we'd try planting tomato transplants early this year. We'll see if we get tomatoes early or not.

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