Sunday, July 22, 2012

Time to plant AGAIN

If you have any room left in your garden, now is a good time to plant for fall harvest. You can plant peas, spinach, lettuce, parsley, green onions, leeks and cabbage. Also cilantro,  for making salsa in September. The seedlings will need some extra care; cover with shade cloth or plant them near taller plants. Be sure to water frequently, especially due to this heat wave and drought that seems to be affecting most of the Midwest.
My beans are finally coming in, thanks to my husband, who really saved the garden this year. With lack of rain and onslaught of insects and woodchucks and rabbits and deer. He kept things watered and uses Captain Jack's spray on the insects and set up some traps for the Japanese beetles in the nearby trees. Eddie the garden troller, took care of the woodchuck along with a mole or two.

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