Monday, June 18, 2012

Compost from SOCRRA

SOCRRA offers compost for pick up at 1741 School Road in Rochester Hills (Mon thru Fri 8am -- 4pm and Saturdays in May and June 8am – noon). 
Residents of SOCRRA communities (and Rochester Hills) can shovel their own compost at the compost site for FREE.  $5 charge for residents of all other communities.
For larger quantities loaded by SOCRRA bucket loader, a charge of $5 per cubic yard with a $15 minimum applies.
From the SOCRRA website, "Compost is a natural organic soil amendment and fertilizer made from a variety of yard waste and food scraps.  Compost improves soil structure, retains water, encourages root growth, aerates soil, releases nutrients slowly, supports beneficial organisms and earthworms, and suppresses some soil-borne diseases. Compost also helps protect water quality because it absorbs rainwater and filters out many pollutants. It is useful as a soil amendment throughout the landscape – including lawns, trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens and flower beds."


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  2. Great Post Here! I hope others learn about the benefits of compost.

    1. Thanks! I really think it's a must for a healthy garden.