Sunday, April 1, 2012

Planting delayed due to Bittersweet vines

I hate it when the temperature warms up outside and then gets cold in the Spring. It's not good for the fruit trees and flowering trees. But it doesn't really faze the greens, onions and peas, as long as it stays above freezing most of the time.
If I had planted St. Patrick's Day weekend, it would have been fine. But alas, instead of planting Swiss Chard and other greens, we had to counter attack a siege of mean Oriental Bittersweet, (not so sweet) vines that seem to have only one purpose: Kill all trees nearby or even several yards away. They intertwine themselves around the tree, then, like a boa constrictor, they choke it, slowly. The only way to kill is with herbicides, which also kill the trees. So we were manually cutting and removing the vines. With this method, we will have to stay vigilant on guard against their regrowth because they have an underground network of roots.
People actually plant Bittersweet vine when landscaping. The American variety is not invasive, like the Oriental variety.
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