Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gardening is a family tradition

I recently went to Kansas because my Mother, Grace, passed away. Her and her family were the inspiration for this blog. Her parents and uncle ran a truck garden in south central Kansas from 1920 to 1980, thereabouts. I don't know how many generations of our family have been farmers.
My Mom worked in her garden everyday, in spite of her illness and the extreme heat, with temperatures above 100 for an entire month this summer.
She would go out early in the morning and then water.
After her funeral, my brother and sisters and I went to the house and one by one, we all ended up out back in the garden, amazed at the watermelon and okra, which were now ready to pick and wondering why there weren't many weeds. It was a well-kept garden. She worked hard to take care of it and enjoyed the productivity and peace of mind from working in the garden. Her freezer had packages of her favorite vegetable - asparagus.
When I returned home to Michigan, I went to my own garden and although it doesn't measure up to my Mother's garden, it was a great place to start healing after losing her. God bless her.

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  1. Her garden was always a treasure and her pride and joy. We are enjoying some of the asparagus that she put up earlier this summer and it is so delicious. - Carolyn