Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weather stays good

The forecast calls for continued frost-free nights in Oakland County through Friday. We might even have another warmish weekend!
I picked beans Friday, Oct. 8, the latest I remember ever picking them. We didn't always plant pole beans, like we have the last two years. It seems they produce longer than bush beans.
We haven't had any ripe tomatoes for a week, there are some green ones out there, so I didn't pull the plants. Also, I left the top Brussel Sprouts till after the frost. I've heard we were supposed to wait to harvest any of them until after frost (tastes better), but it looked like mold was attacking them, so I picked all of the bottom sprouts. At farmer's markets, I've seen stacks of whole stocks with the sprouts still on. If I had a bunch, that's the way I'd pick them.
If you want to grow garlic next year, you could plant that now, before the ground freezes. Be sure to have a dedicated spot. Many times we've planted stuff for next year and forgot about it, then planted over it. Along a fence line is a good safe place for garlic. You could also plant cover crops. Here's an article about it.  Organic Gardening

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