Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome Indian summer

It looks like we are having an Indian summer, with no forecast for frost within the next 10 days. The Old Farmer's Almanac predicted a hard winter, though when it does get here.
I had been scurrying around like a squirrel burying nuts: making salsa, canning tomatoes and freezing enough to make my freezer bulge. Now, I am just enjoying the delightful result of continued high temperatures, and eating beans off the vine. So far, no sign of deer. The Swiss chard will last till Thanksgiving, if the weather cooperates and the deer leave it alone.
Our Brussel sprouts produced a bumper crop. I left the top sprouts on, because they are smaller and the plant is hardy enough to endure pretty cold temperatures, well past our first frost.
A disappointment was our zucchini plants. They had beautiful leaves and blooms, and I would notice a zuke growing, then it would be gone in a few days. I finally saw one in the process of rotting. The zukes would grow to a small size, then shrivel up and decompose. By the time I realized it, its too late. I've never had a problem having way too much zucchini until this year. I'll be on watch for that next year.

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