Saturday, June 5, 2010

Container gardening

 We have a raised bed container garden for our herbs, lettuce and green onions. It's nice as long as the deer stay out. I saw deer tracks in there this morning. They usually don't go in it, except the year I planted Swiss chard and green beans in it. Those are two of their favorites. Mine too, so I have been planting them in the maximum security garden ever since.
There are some advantages to container gardening. If you put it close to your house, its closer to where dinner is prepared. That's handy. My coworker planted some basil in a flower pot on her porch. The benefits for containers is you save on watering, labor and typically yield more plants per square inch. There are certain veggies that don't take well to small containers, like green beans, you really need more space for them anyway. Here's a link for how to do containers:   Container garden

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