Sunday, May 16, 2010

A nice sunny day on the weekend!

My husband, Ken is out working hard in our garden, so before he could recruit me into some back-breaking project, I have escaped to blog about it. We planted beans and squash. I finally got around to planting green onions, lettuce, parsley (to make fresh tabouleh, easy and delicious) and spinach. I planted the lettuce, parsley and spinach in our raised bed mini-garden. When planting these types of plants, we have found it easier to spread the seeds, (broadcast) in an area rather than plant in rows. It seems to accommodate more plants too.
Ken planted peas in early April and they are coming up nicely in a row along the fence. Its too early to put tomato and pepper plants out, unless you can keep an eye on the weather and cover them when needed. Same for eggplant, melon, okra and squash plants. We have found that the plants don't grow as well anyway until it stays warmer at night. It is such a nice day, and it's a Sunday. Maybe I can sneak outside without Ken seeing me and relax in the sun.

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